Health & Freedom.

Our Story

Our Story

From an exhausted and over weight web designer and property manager to now living our ideal life. We have never been as happy, healthy, and focused to help others as we are now, all because of one decision Corey made – and we haven’t looked back since.

About us

I had been working as a web designer for five years, helping other create businesses online, but this was starting to take a physical toll and I put on over 60 pounds of bad weight. We also were flirting with bankruptcy because of too much debt. We were feeling trapped and started to hope for change some how. Everyone knows the feeling; the slight disillusionment, wondering about when you will get the chance to create real security for your family. For so many of us there comes a time when we feel like we’re living within or below our potential and not at our best. So when a friend recommended Isagenix I was sceptical. I knew the industry, and had seen many fad’s come and go. But, with nothing to lose, I made my first Isagenix order. Soon my wife was interested too.


Now we are both committed to helping others get to where we are today. Isagenix has given us the financial freedom to live comfortably, but we want to do more than that. Isagenix has given us the ability to help others build their dreams and get healthy at the same time.


Isagenix is a nutritional cleansing program, renowned for helping everyday people lose weight, boost their energy, and rid their body of excessive harmful toxins. Based on scientific research by nutritionists and registered dieticians, Isagenix is for anyone –any age, any size, anywhere! One thing in common with everyone we talk to about Isagenix, is a personal drive to see change. Everyone is different, but together we all want the same thing; to have the mental clarity and physical health we deserve. Isagenix creates a community, linking arms across countries to grow and lift others.


What started out as a personal experiment has given us so many new opportunities to personal health and wellbeing, to being able to support those close to us and charities we believe in. Our goal is to show others that they can do just what we have done, and open up their horizons to a whole new lifestyle in the same way that we have, we call it life style by design. If we can do it, anyone can! When you contact us, we personally receive and respond to the message. We are creating a team of like minded individuals that share, support and help others become the best that they can be.


We have a team of like minded people that help, share and encourage each other a long the way.
Here are some of the benefits that come with the IsaSpark team membership:

Private online support group
Marketing Materials
Free Website Design by me – Value of $1200
Free hosting – Value $140 year
Marketing Training
Phone Support

We firmly believe that anyone can benefit from Isagenix the same way that we have. Once we started making a positive change in our lifestyle and noticing amazing health results we couldn’t help but share this with other people. Our family & friends were also curious, and were starting to ask us how we were looking so healthy and where we got our energy. The more we helped people get results, others then wanted to try it for themselves, so we recommended them the products which we were so passionate about.

Soon, this became an easy part time interest of ours, by working hard helping others, it helped us pay a bit more of the bills each week which relieved a lot of stress from our lives. Over time, by making peoples results our number one priority it grew and grew. Isagenix soon became our number one income, giving us the life-changing opportunity to step back from our respective careers and make Isagenix our lifestyle.

Lots of Love,